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The Brazilian Inspired café of Budapest

A La Gringa was born in the heart of Budapest, where our team used to get together and cook for their friends and acquaintances in their own houses. For several years this cookout would happen, each time with a different set of guests, a place where friends became partners, and unknowns became friends. So many conversations and new friendships were created around that table, and it is all to blame on the food. Good food is a golden key to starting a good conversation, and a good conversation can take you anywhere. 

Bringing people together over a good meal and a good drink is our religion, and religions are meant to be shared.


Come with us to experience the power of sharing at A La Gringa.

Find us at:

+36 70 228 8111

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Opening hours

Mo -  closed 

Tue -    11 - 18

Wed -   11 - 18

Thu -   11 - 22

Fri -     11 - 22

Sat -   10 - 22

Sun -   10 - 18

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